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Repitition Kennels is not a commercial Miniature Schnauzer breeder. We breed in the hopes to improve the Miniature Schnauzer, to better the breed in quality and health. We want the Miniature schnauzer to be happy, out-going, curious, confident and beautiful. We critically evaluate all our puppies to find the show-specimens, often ignoring puppies for reasons that are invisible for the untrained eye. The ones that don’t pass this evaluation will be available as pets for approved homes.


What is a qualified home? First and foremost we are looking for people who will treat their dog like they would their child, and never ever consider getting a dog that they "think" that they want, rather we want people who "know" that they will care for a dog for its entire life. If for any reason, you, the pet buyer, have any doubt about getting a dog, my advice is "Don't buy until you are absolutely sure."


The most important trait that we breed for is temperament. It is our belief that no matter what show career a dog may or may not have, it will end up eventually as someone's pet, therefore it must have a good temperament, one that you can live with, that is non aggressive, loving and not too noisy (they are guard dogs, after all).


We are also very interested in dogs that are healthy and that will stay that way.  We take full responsibility for the dogs we sell for their whole life. If you for any reason cannot keep your Repitition dog, we will be helpful in finding it a good home. Under normal circumstances, each dog pet or show will be sold with its own contract which delineates all terms and guarantees. No others are expressed or warranted other than those that are in writing for that specific dog.


Puppies have all shots due for their age, an eye exam from a Veterinary Ophthalmologist, ears cropped or not (your choice, and at your expense), and a 5-year health guarantee against any life-threatening hereditary defect. We will never let any puppy go before the age of 8 weeks.


All of our companion animals are sold on non breeding terms, with spay/neuter requirements. Once your dog has been spayed or neutered, papers are available; simply send your sale contract, with the neutering certificate, and I will send you your AKC papers.

I am alarmed at the recent practices of many veterinarians where early spaying and neutering (less than four months of age) have become commonplace. I cannot emphasize enough that this is NOT a responsible practice. The same hormones that cause a male or female dog to become sexually mature, also the  cause them to grow and develop properly.  There is evidence that early spay and neutering can affect the overall size and maturity of the kidneys, ureters and urethra. That is not desirable. I feel so strongly about this is I insist that NO dog of MINE, be subjected to this practice at less than six months of age.


Which sex? Boy or girl?..... some thoughts.


Most people ask for girls.. and they really do not know what they are missing. Boys make fantastic companions, and are no harder to house break. They are NOT more aggressive, contrary to the old wives tails.  They are, in fact, less bossy than most females. more docile and are very affectionate. In  wolf packs, the dominant animal is frequently the alpha female. And in litters that we raise, females (the smallest) -- go figure, are usually the bossiest.


Thoughts on housebreaking. First, neuter a male, and they will not get boring, fat, or inactive. You will then have very little trouble, if ever, from marking behavior. Kirby was the first dog my brother got from me.  He was a great dog, and my brother refused to have him neutered. Most of Kirby's behavior in the house was acceptable until he lifted his leg on my sister in law's new couch.. Well, that did not make him exactly popular. So finally they relented and had him neutered.  Within a few months, my brother reported that he completely stopped any marking behaviors.


Now what if you should acquire an adult male? Is all hope lost? No, there are techniques, and we recommend a bad boy band. It is a  fabric band that fits around the dog, with a velcro seal at the top  Inside, against the dog's penis, you put a sanitary napkin.  The dog cannot lift his leg to destroy anything in your house, and he soon tires of the wet feeling against his skin. The bands are washable, the napkins can be replaced


Occasionally we have an older puppy, young adult, or adult that we have decided not keep, available.


Please feel free to call us at (770) 794 3203 or email us at if you have any further questions.


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